We Started as a Delivery Service without a Laundromat

Laundromat owners thought we were crazy. And, we were. It’s hard work at a very low margin to do it that way. We have a soft spot for those operators…

We’re paying it forward.

Hey, I’m Mark – one of the founders of The Folde.

A couple of years ago, Ken Barrett emailed me his WDF training guides. We were barely getting started. We had the delivery business & were wholesaling the laundry.

No laundromats could keep up. But we didn’t own a laundromat. We needed to learn how to do laundry professionally – at scale.

His training guides gave us the structure and the know-how to scale a laundry service. It was the inflection point when we stopped working in the business and started working on the business.

We own laundromats now. But, we haven’t lost that scrappiness that we learned from operating the business without laundromats. And, operating it that way takes a lot of scrappiness...

We’re giving away a full suite of digital tools to a few operators who are in a similar situation to the one that we were in when Ken helped us.

To apply, please send us an email explaining your story, your goals, and the projects you’re working on. Submissions can be sent to operator@thefolde.com.


We recommend applying if you meet the following criteria:

  • You’re currently operating a delivery laundry service without a laundromat.
  • You’re bootstrapped – using your own money to run the business. You haven’t raised outside capital.
  • You’re currently open and servicing customers. This is not just an idea – it’s a real business.
  • You want to cashflow the operation to buy laundromats.

For Laundromat Operators:

As laundromats move from self-service to full-service, they're becoming bigger businesses. But, software alone won't get you to 15 turns per day.