When Did Laundromats Become So Trendy?

Laundromats are gaining popularity as a cash-flowing asset class – following the recent popularity arch of self-storage facilities and car washes.

A New Type of Laundromat

New laundromat technology and the designation as an essential service is making laundromats more mainstream as a cash flow investment. New operators and investors are trending to be better capitalized and less fragmented as a result.

As laundromat business models move from self-service to full-service models, laundromats are becoming bigger businesses.

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Things Customers Hate

Stay Away from These

As a business owner, you’re proud of your store. But, are your customers? Here is a list of all the things laundromat customers hate about your store.

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Laundromat Tech

It’s not an oxymoron…

Laundromats are trendy in 2021. Modern tech advances in the self-service laundry industry have made your laundry day easier than ever.

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Payment Systems

Quarters or Cards?

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For Laundromat Operators:

As laundromats move from self-service to full-service, they're becoming bigger businesses. But, software alone won't get you to 15 turns per day.