Laundry Delivery Marketing

Marketing to delivery laundry service customers is a different game than marketing to traditional laundromat customers. You’re not competing against local laundromats, you’re competing with digital-first laundry apps.

Marketing Your Laundry Delivery Service

Offering delivery laundry service to reach double-utilization of your staff and your equipment makes sense. But, this new vertical is not as absentee as a traditional self-service laundromat. It is a logistics and warehousing business. On top of that, you’re marketing playbook is going to need a facelift.

You’re starting off at a disadvantage. Here’s how to catch up.

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For Laundromat Operators:

As laundromats move from self-service to full-service, they're becoming bigger businesses. But, software alone won't get you to 15 turns per day.