Things Your Laundry Service Wants You to Know But Will NEVER Tell You

We’ve taken some tweets from laundry service customers to develop a list of things your laundry service wants you to know – but will probably never tell you.

There are two types of laundry service customers: the good ones and the ones who need to do their own damn laundry…

With the rise in popularity of delivery laundry service, we’re seeing more laundromat operators offering the service and more customers experimenting with adding it to the mix of chores they outsource.

With all these new delivery laundry service customers, laundromat operators realize educating their customers on the service is now part of the job. Uber, Amazon, and other disruptors have set high precedents for delivering fast service on demand. But, laundry is different. It doesn’t matter how fancy your app is, doing laundry takes longer than cooking a burger.

We’ve taken some feedback from tweets from recent laundry service customers all over the world to develop a list of 8 things your laundry service wants you to know- but will probably never tell you.

1. Taking your pants and underwear off separately is appreciated.

There might not be a better feeling in the world. But, can you do it separately? Your laundry service can tell a lot about you from your ‘dirty laundry.’ Not taking your underwear out of your pants or your undershirts out of your shirts is a quick signal for ‘doesn’t care for their clothes one bit.’

Take your time. Separate out your clothes. Your laundry service cares for your clothes like you do. If you don’t, you’re making it hard on your laundry service to deliver a quality service.

2. The stains were there already.

Your laundry service doesn’t have wine, chocolate, and nacho cheese waiting just for your order. While some staining can happen at the laundromat, it is a very specific type of stain. If notice an oil stain or some dinginess, that might be your laundry service. However, that chocolate stain wasn’t us…

3. Is there anything else you can think of that might be making those pants feel like they’ve shrunk?

A big part of offering laundry service is making sure you prevent any damage or loss. While laundromats get a bad wrap for damaging or losing clothes, it’s much more uncommon than you’d expect. Most laundromats wash on cold – separating whites and colors – and dry on medium to prevent any damage.

It’s easy to blame the laundromat. First, consider if there is anything else that might be causing those pants to fit a little tight…

4. We know how often you wash your sheets.

Most laundry delivery customers care about their favorite shirt and their lucky underwear getting cleaned. Not many feel the same about their sheets.

How often should you wash your sheets? You should wash your sheets once per week. It’s not a set-in-stone rule but it’s a quick fix to prevent yourself from building up levels of sheet contamination that would make even the heaviest sleepers toss and turn.

5. Our laundry bags are not trash bags.

Stop using our laundry bags as trash bags. If you treat your laundry like trash, we will too. Instead of piling your laundry and trash in your laundry bag, prep your dirty laundry for cleaning by emptying your pockets, unbuttoning buttons, and taking your underwear out of your pants.

6. Nobody stole your favorite LuLu’s. They’re still in your dresser…

It’s easy to blame the laundry service! Most of our support claims are settled when the customer finds the missing item in their clean laundry or in another pile of dirty laundry. In fact, before we act on any support claim, we state:

“While we’re reviewing our cameras and looking into the tracking notes, can you check one more time for us? We always try to pack like items with like items but sometimes a shirt ends up with the pants, etc. With most of these claims, the missing item almost always turns up packed into another clean laundry bag or is found in another dirty laundry bag that wasn’t sent for cleaning.

If you’ll recheck your laundry piles & other laundry bags, we review our cameras & delivery notes. Please expect an update from us within two business days.”

Plus, those LuLu’s weren’t even our size…

7. It’s a knockoff. It’s not priceless.

Every once in a while, mistakes happen. It’s strange that these mistakes disproportionally happen to your favorite items. We’re incredibly sorry for the mistake and even more disappointed in ourselves. Unfortunately, nothing is priceless. And, according to Amazon, that priceless shirt actually costs $12…

8. We’ve seen worse!

Everybody thinks they have a lot of dirty laundry. And, everybody thinks their laundry is really dirty. In the laundry business, we’ve seen worse.

For a professional laundry service, no order is too big, and not many orders are dirty enough to make us flinch.

For Laundromat Operators:

As laundromats move from self-service to full-service, they're becoming bigger businesses. But, software alone won't get you to 15 turns per day.